Made for Brackeys Jam #2 with the theme "Love is Blind"

NOTE: If the shield placing doesn't work, try to download the game rather than running it in your browser.

You play as two lovers who can be harmful to each other,  but also need each other to survive. You must fight off the blind hatred of evil cupids and hateful spirits(apparently they don't work lol) with blind, forgiving, love, and arrows. One of you can place shields, and the other can shoot, gaining exp for more shields. If you get too close to your lover, within their circle, you will take damage.


  • WASD to move
  • SPACE to switch between players.
  • Left Click to shoot with one lover, Left Click to place shields with the other, 

Exp and shields

  • You gain exp with each enemy you kill.
  •  Any amount of  exp can be used to make a shield. (except 0)
  • The shield looks exactly like the exp bar, but will not move with the second player.
  • The shield should be twice as large as the exp bar was before it was placed, and after it is placed, the exp bar will drop to 0.
  • Your exp will determine how large the shield is.  The blue bar below one player shows how much exp you have.
  • You can shoot through shields, but enemies cannot.
  • Enemies will take damage while being in contact with a shield.
  • Shields take damage when in direct contact of anything else(Players, Enemies, Other Shields)

Install instructions

Install, Unzip, Run


Brackeys 23 MB

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